Eat Local. Come Local. Cocina Tropical.

 "I often say that at elBulli we learned the most from other chefs who came to cook with us. This applies to Jose Santaella, among a few others. With rigor, sensitivity, and generosity, Jose shared the dishes and knowledge of his Puerto Rico and became a very important person in our kitchen. I invite you to enjoy the tropical delights that Jose passionately offers in these pages." -Ferran Adrià
"This collection of personal, local, and iconic recipes makes me smile and immediately transports me back to the magical island of Puerto Rico. Cocina Tropical gives me the perfect excuse to bring my family and friends together, to fill the house with salsa music, to dance, to eat, to laugh, and to once again enjoy all the simple pleasures that life offers us." -Eric Ripert
"Jose Santaella embraces his undeniably rich heritage and its vast diversity with extreme passion and pride. He flirts with modern Caribbean food while holding tightly to the island's cocina criolla and its traditional recipes. Just looking at the photographs takes me back to the inviting aromas, flavors, and colors of Puerto Rico. Jose lovingly shares a taste of his paradise with us in. -Gary Danko
Cocina Tropical breaks some new ground and is a solid contribution to the culinary bookshelf. While other Puerto Rican chefs have written cookbooks, none has demonstrated the crossover potential that Cocina Tropical is likely to have.” –The Latin Kitchen